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How to Keep Teenage Teeth Healthy

From studying and playing sports to getting together with friends and working, teens today seem to be busier than ever. One activity that should always fit into their packed schedule is maintaining excellent oral hygiene. Here are some essential tips to share with your teen about keeping their teeth in tip-top condition. Choose smile-supporting foods.

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3 Facts About Your Gums

At our practice, we care about more than just your teeth—when you visit us for a regular checkup, it’s important that we examine your gums to ensure well-rounded oral health. #1: Gums should not bleed when you floss. If you don’t floss regularly, chances are you notice a little bit of blood around your gums

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5 Signs of Ageing Oral Health

Routine dental cleanings can help maintain your smile for years to come. Growing older brings some of life’s best gifts—grandkids, retirement, and maybe even travel or more time for hobbies. But it can also bring unwanted health issues—especially related to your teeth. Here are some of the most common oral health issues faced by seniors.

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